Amara Finance
A Multi-chain Asset Financial Servicer within Polkadot Ecosystem
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About Amara About Amara Amara is a multi-chain asset lending service provider within Polkadot ecosystem,
focusing on open, privacy preserved multi-chain lending markets.
1 Cross-chain Bridge
An assets cross-chain protocol aiming at introducing possibly more assets into Polkadot.
2 Markets
Two lending markets consist of the mainstream assets market and long-tail assets innovation market.
N Derivatives
Explore extensive financial derivatives including NFT, variable interest rate, lossless lottery, etc.
Amara DApps Amara DApps
To be the most popular lending
market within Polkadot
Interlink Polkadot and other
ecosystems together
Our Advantages Our Advantages
Decentralization Access an immutable money market protocol directly on-chain.
Advanced performance Build on Polkadot network & Substrate framework.
Boosted efficiency & Shared security with Polkadot.
Multi-chain deployment Introduce assets on other public chains to Polkadot through MaraLink and multi-chain deployment to realize seamless transfer and improve overall liquidity.
Multi-layer safeguard Besides code audits, multiple mechanisms such as risk deposit, market isolation, debt pool setting, insurance staking are also adopted to ensure safety.
 Amara Roadmap  Amara Roadmap Go through details
Q4 2020 MaraLend Test Version deployment
Start MaraLink R&D
Q3 2021
Start Q2 2021 MaraLend Beta
Start to test MaraLink
Q4 2021 MaraLend v1.0
mainstream assets market release
MaraLink Swap release and commercialization
Q2 2022
MaraLend v2.0 Beta release
Long tail assets innovation market open to public.
Become the most popular lending protocol within Polkadot ecosystem.
Primarily accomplish goals set in Whitepaper
Explore financial derivatives such as NFT options lossless lottery, etc.
Realize multi-chain deployment
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
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